In search for Statistics Lesson?

Are you in search for a professional Statistics tutor?
You can contact me for more information (0031-6-14830130).
I have finished my master degree and specialized myself in teaching statistics. I am familiar with a lot of statistical methods used at different universities. For Instance, I have given lessons to students from the Universities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Utrecht, Groningen and Tilburg.

I give my lessons by Skype. Next to it I will make notes during the lessons together with homework. I will send this at the end of the lesson to you.



Tuition Fees

'Statistics Lesson' counts 79.95 euro or 89.95 dollar for an hour (price for a lesson).

I'm also glad to help you with your Assignment/ Thesis.

If you are with two persons it will only be 40 euro/ 45 dollar for an hour and with three 30 euro/35 dollar a person.

Might you be living in the Netherlands, consider checking my Dutch websites, ( or

Last but not least, did you have lessons at my company at the past and did you pay a lower fee? Then the lower fee will be applied to you.


Video Lessons

I made a lot of videos for you. Some of them are for free so check them out! I put the direct links of them on my facebook page.

So please click on the facebook box below to enter.


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